What is an electric gate valve

What is an electric gate valve

Simply put, the electric gate valve is to use an electric actuator to control the valve, so as to realize the opening and closing of the valve. It can be divided into upper and lower parts, the upper part is the electric actuator, and the lower part is the valve. The action distance is larger than that of the electric valve. The switching speed of the electric gate valve can be adjusted. The structure is simple and easy to maintain. Due to the cushioning characteristics of the gas itself, it is not easy to be damaged due to jamming during the operation. However, it must have a gas source and its control system More complicated than electric valves. Electric gate valves are sensitive, safe and reliable. Many factories with high control requirements set up compressed air stations for pneumatic instrument control components. Electric is a device that needs electricity and can control its flow.

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There are two types of electric valves. One is the quarter-stroke electric valve: the quarter-stroke electric actuator is used in conjunction with the quarter-stroke valve to realize the internal rotation of the valve within 90 degrees to control the on-off of the pipeline fluid; the other is the straight-stroke electric valve: The straight-stroke electric actuator is used in conjunction with the straight-stroke valve to realize the up and down movement of the valve plate to control the on-off of the pipeline fluid.

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The purpose and use of both gate and butterfly valves are same. The difference between the both valves lies in shape, size and operation. Butterfly valves are lighter than gate valves, so for the big sizes it is convenient to install and operate butterfly valve because it is lighter and compact in compare to gate valves.

Gate valves either allow or bar the passage of hydraulic fluid, and globe valves adjust the flow of hydraulic fluid between fully on and fully off. Gate valves are plate-like, and globe valves are circular.

The structure classification of electric gate valve: gate valve is generally composed of valve stem, valve body, bonnet, gate plate, driving device and other parts (fasteners, stem nut, sealing packing). The structure is introduced one by one below: Gate valve stem press The movement form is divided into the open rod (lifting shaft) and the dark rod (rotating shaft). Therefore, the gate valve is divided into two types: the open rod gate valve and the dark rod gate valve.

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{keyword},Butterfly valves are suitable for flow regulation. Since the pressure loss of the butterfly valve in the pipeline is relatively large, it is about three times that of the gate valve.

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{keyword}.The disc of the butterfly valve is that the disc has a shaft rotating on the position of the valve seat. The angle of the rotation determines the opening and closing degree of the valve.

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{keyword},We all know that the gate valve is a very widely used valve, so how does the gate valve work?

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